About Way Up Gifts

Way Up Gifts is your one-stop online store for fairly-priced personalized & engraved gifts, LED neon signs, stuffed animals, unique gifts and home decor.

Founded in Pittsburgh, PA, we work hand in hand with suppliers in the US and abroad, delivering unique, quality products with great value. Way Up Gifts started in 2018 with our most popular product line, our LED neon signs, formed from a world-class partnership with a supplier in Hong Kong. Today, we supply items both abroad and from within the US to deliver to customers mainly in the US, but also worldwide.


LED Neon Signs

Our unique LED neon signs are available in over 500 designs. Our partner in Hong Kong assures we have fast turnaround time and 2-3 week delivery to the USA.

personalized gifts

Our personalized & engraved gift collection forms from a partnership from an innovative US company that does all of the personalization here in the US. Delivery time is 7-15 days.

STuffed animals

Our stuffed animals formed out of a partnership with a factory in China. We are here to break the stigma of buying overseas. Our stuffed animals are of the highest quality at discounted prices.

unique gifts & home decor

We have a ton of other awesome gifts at affordable prices. Most of these items will be packed and shipped from within the USA and delivered in 5-10 days.

Adam Polinak, founder


penn state university

Bachelors, Finance

2012 – 2017

BNY Mellon

Derivatives Operations Specialist



Warehouse Associate





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